A three-year collaboration between IRB Barcelona and a local primary school, that aims to boost academic results and social cohesion by bringing biomedicine into the school curriculum. The Escoles Tàndem Programme is organised in collaboration with the Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera.

Descobreix la recerca

A biweekly research activity that brings science closer to primary school students through guided tours and active participation in experiments.

Crazy About Biomedicine

This flagship year-long mentoring programme brings 24 secondary school students in their first year of baccalaureate into the lab for hands-on learning. Theoretical and practical sessions about state-of-the-art research and methodologies in biomedicine are led by IRB Barcelona researchers, with a goal to fostering passion and promoting scientific vocation among young talent.


IRB Barcelona is a partner in this innovative project, which is run by the Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera and aims to connect passionate secondary school students throughout he world with leading scientific researchers.

Fes Recerca

A series of weekly hands-on workshops for students and the general public. Sessions are held several times throughout the year in the Open Lab at Barcelona Science Park and in Barcelona’s iconic “Pedrera” building.


This programme gives secondary school students the opportunity to do their science projects ("Treball de Recerca") under the tutelage of an IRB Barcelona researcher.

Hands-on Teachers Workshops

IRB Barcelona organises regular science training workshops for secondary school teachers, bringing them into the lab to investigate some of the current questions our researchers are tackling in molecular medicine and to get a hands-on look at the methodologies they use. Scientists and teachers work together to develop and refine materials and resources to take back to the classroom.

Open Day

IRB Barcelona opens its doors to welcome visitors of all ages to go behind the scenes and get a taste of what science and biomedicine is all about. If you are curious about science and you also want to meet our researchers in action, IRB Barcelona's Open Day is a great opportunity to come and experience scientific research for yourself.

Festa de la Ciència

IRB Barcelona participates in an annual science fair held in the Parc de la Ciutadella. Through more than 200 entertaining activities, practising scientists lead participants, allowing them to explore and discover the world-class research being done in Catalonia.

Fira de Recerca en Directe

A science fair organised in April in a Barcelona venue that showcases the latest research being done in several of the city’s foremost research institutes. IRB Barcelona participates each year with a group of 2-3 researchers.

Artist in Residence



IRB Barcelona's Artist in Residence programme aims to connect artists with an interest in interdisciplinary science to the wide range of research, scientists, data and infrastructure available at the Institute. It provides a unique opportunity for artists to


immerse themselves in the IRB Barcelona community for a free exchange of ideas in order to explore, learn, and form direct relationships with our scientists and stakeholders. Its goal is to provide time and space for reflection and inspiration from both sides.


Noticias de divulgación e impactos en los medios

<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab</p>

Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab at IRB Barcelona, participated in the "Càpsules de ciència” video series produced by TV3. In the video he talks about his work on the biology of the metastatic process—research that may contribute to improving patients' lives.

<p>Patrick Aloy, Group Leader of the Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology Lab</p>

Patrick Aloy, Group Leader of the Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology Lab at IRB Barcelona participated in the "Càpsules de ciència” video series produced by TV3. In the video he talks about how they apply network biology to find a cure for diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's.

Carlos Romero is the swimmer behind the "Swim against the current" initiative, which seeks to encourage the general public and companies to support cancer and metastasis research at IRB Barcelona. To mark Father's Day, he sent a message to all parents through RAC1’s programme "Islàndia".

<p>Anna Rierola</p>

An article published in "BCN Science Corner" highlights the collaboration between artists and researchers to create new spaces in which to reflect on science. The author interviewed the first Artist in Residence at IRB Barcelona, Anna Rierola, to find out about her experience.


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